Some of the series listed below have been removed from the catalog.
    On designing, please select from the new series for your applications.

Type Contents Obsoleted Series New Series
Chip Type   Chip, Long Life Assurance UV UL
Miniature Type   5mmL, Long Life Assurance MQ MV
  7mmL, Long Life Assurance SQ SV
  Standard type VX VR
  Compact & Standard For General Purposes VS RS
  Low profile Sized, Wide Temperature Range RT RZ
  Low Impedance, For Switching Power Supplies PD PM
  Miniature Sized,Low Impedance,
  For Switching Power Supplies
  Low Impedance, High Reliability PF PJ
  Standard, For Switching Power Supplies PR PS
  Low Impedance, High Reliability PY PW
  Extremely Low Impedance, High Reliability PL PM
  Miniature Sized, Low Impedance, High Reliability PQ PV
  High Temperature Range, For +125C use BD BT
  High Grade Type, For Audio Equipment FA, FS FG
  For General Audio Equipment FM, FX FW
  5mmL, For Audio Equipment MC MW
  7mmL, For Audio Equipment SK SW
Large Can Type   Snap-in Terminal Type, Standard LQ, LU LS
  Snap-in Terminal Type, Wide Temperature Range GQ GU
  Horizontal Mounting Type DL DM
  Snap-in Terminal Type, Low-Profile Sized,
  Wide Temperature Range
GE GJ, GJ(15)
  Snap-in Terminal Type, Long Life,
  Wide Temperature Range
  Horizontal Mounting Type, Wide Temperature Range DK DQ
  Snap-in Terminal Type, Withstand overvoltage,
  Wide Temperature Range
  Screw Terminal Type, Standard NR (350-450V) NX
  Lug/Snap-in Terminal Type, For Audio Equipment GS KG